“Ideh Pardazan – e – Ostooreh” Group is in second decade of its magnificent history. Our Company was founded by the graduates of Software, ICT, Hardware and Software Engineers in in the middle of 80's decade. subject matter at the time of establishment was Software development process and Providing network services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Focus on Office Information System (OIS) and office productivity software such as financial-accounting Software Package was one of the most important Targets of the company's founders. The first production of our Group in primary years is FARAZ, financial-accounting Software. This software has received the license and Standards from Iranian ICT Guild organization. Install and run the system in nearly 1000 Firms, institutes, companies and governmental organizations with Tacit knowledge of these projects were an important of Valuable Organizational assets of the Ostooreh. as every scientist knows, knowledge as a reliability and wealth in an organization like Ostooreh is ready and prepared for other reproductions and operations. In recent years, interactions with governmental organization, participation in national projects, economic and geographical development and, most importantly, increasing the scientific and experimental richness of each of the specialized subsets of the collection, create a chain of growth and improvement and also presentation of unique productions like general software and super applications in national or Transnational ability in our Group up to the present time.

Companies group of

Software Product Development

  • Leadership, programming, design, and production of
  • organizational software (according to the characteristics, dimensions, needs, and Organizational ecosystem).
  • Propose and develop a solution based on the 3T method- (think-tank/team work /tree knowledge)
  • Mobile software programming and design
  • Architecture and design of databases and software information
  • Designing and proposing special organizational solutions
  • Organizing software operations teams
  • Software Capacity Programming and Integration (Super Application)

Empowerment in the field of research and education

  • Training in human resources and organizational management
  • Holding workshops and face-to-face training courses
  • Holding training courses and online tours
  • Responsibility for conducting scientific and research projects and quantification of results based on statistical methods in research
  • Compilation of evaluation checklist and holding organizational exam
  • Evaluate and audit organizational levels and performance
  • Organizing educational textbooks
  • Evaluate and audit training processes
  • Preparation and production of educational media
  • Preparation and compilation of scientific articles

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

  • Consulting, design and implementation of industrial automation
  • Design and implementation of projects for smart homes and places
  • Analysis and implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • Design and management of organizational and office software
  • Proposing, consulting, designing and presenting technical and engineering solutions
  • Design and production of application-based hardware (IOT)
  • Consulting, design and production of smart tools
  • Design and production of industrial samples and prototypes
  • Implementation of production line monitoring programs
  • PLC industrial machine planning
  • Collaboration in the Creative Thinking Room of Industries

management consulting process improvement

  • Needs assessment and organizational development diagnostic models
  • Improve organizational and administrative processes
  • Analysis of current organizational systems and methods
  • Reviewing and analyzing the path of executive processes
  • Organizational documentation and Business process management
  • Proposing, designing and presenting business and trade solutions
  • Proposing, designing and presenting social solutions
  • Proposing, designing and presenting Finance and Credit solutions
  • Proposing, designing and presenting administrative solutions
  • Investigation and analysis of problems based on analytical models (UML SSADM/ RUP)

Knowledge-based Companies

  • Consulting in designing basic business documents
  • Expert advice on preparing a business economic plan
  • Expert advice on developing an executive roadmap for innovative units
  • startup mentorship program and Leading Mentoring Consulting for Startups (Knowledge Based, Creative)
  • Monitoring, supervising and leading market maintenance and development programs
  • Identify investment capacities and partner with creative, innovative and knowledge-based companies
  • Implementing the process of accelerating innovative and knowledge-based units on the path to commercialization
  • Synergy through the aggregation of capacities

Business Development Consulting

  • Designing and managing the strategic layer and of
  • marketing and advertising projects
  • Development and implementation of a marketing plan (Marketing Plan)
  • Leading the marketing of products and services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Market Research and Needs Assessment
  • Design and customization of customer relationship management software
  • Executive management of engineering projects,
  • research, information, marketing and advertising, etc.
  • System analysis and modeling of engineering issues, communications and advertising and social sciences, advertising campaigns, market analysis, etc.


Product Development

research and

Intelligence Development

process improvement


Business Development


In Esfand(March) 1405 - Solar Hijri calendar - , what is in the minds of the people from the brand of "Ostooreh" company, means efficiency and initiative, innovation and cooperation. Valuable social capital is derived from the results of joint "Ostooreh" programs and projects with social institutions in problem solving. Technological problem-solving methods The "Ostooreh" in solving regional problems is exemplary for students and important institutions in counseling. The development of "Ostooreh" products and services has been welcomed by businesses. Valuable economic experience can be calculated, and the sale of packages full of experience for automotive machines is common. "Ostooreh" experience packages are one of the most reputable and well-known packages in the market of organizations management and system administrators. The "Ostooreh" has a reputation in the federal government of West Asia. "Ostooreh" is now classified as a valuable asset from a set of applied insights, information, and new knowledge. It also has a volume of classical wealth, liquidity and tangible assets in the stock market. The method of creating wealth from insight has new patterns in borderless world cities, of which "Ostooreh" is one of the pioneers. The mission of "Ideh Pardazan e Ostooreh" is to lead in the design, creation, proposal, monitoring and implementation of projects and development programs of organizations, firms and institutions in national, regional and international dimensions

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